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From Aqua to Pop Trash

October 29, 2009

From listening to Aqua‘s “Back to the 80s” in the last post, I was reminded of another really cool song about the 80s, “80s Girl” from Pop Trash.

Pop Trash - "80s Girl" single

“80s Girl” is from Pop Trash’s self titled debut which came out in 2005.  Heavy on the keyboards and synthesizers, with lush guitar and layered vocals, Pop Trash totally have the 80s synthpop thing down. Pop Trash’s name is taken from the album titled Pop Trash by 80s band Duran Duran. They had a small internet buzz for awhile, then kinda faded away… but, I hear that they may be working on new material!  Between 2005 and the present, the members of Pop Trash have been working on other bands, including Nikki Blonde (who also sounds very 80s) and Evil Love Drones.  Here is their song “80s Girl”  enjoy!